Who Are We?

STOXY Ltd. is one of the leaders in producing diet confectionary products in Bulgaria. Our products have no added sugar and are suitable for those who follow dietary regimens, diabetics, and people pursuing a healthy lifestyle. The company’s manufacture has been established and acclaimed both at the local Bulgarian marked and in the European Union for over 20 years.
In our manufacture, we at STOXY Ltd. only use products of highest quality and having all certificates and proofs of origin.
We have implemented and are strictly following the HACCP food safety management system.
The innovative technologies we use in our industrial unit allow us to maintain the high quality of our products and production process.
Since STOXY Ltd. strives to protect our shared environment, our packaging is in accordance with the European standards for safety and recycling.
Since the founding of our company, for the past two decades we have proven to be capable of manufacturing products that are both of high quality and in sufficient quantity to satisfy the high demands of the market.
STOXY Ltd. has a successful distribution network, so that our delicious and healthy quality products can reach more customers.
For those of you who are only now discovering STOXY Ltd.’s products, we add that our rich product assortment can satisfy even the most refined tastes!
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